Alli has been working in the beauty industry since 2009, working from her own beauty salon based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

A graduate from art college, works to a high standard with a notable attention to detail which is evident in the quality and creativity of her work.

She started off with everything to do with eyes, offering a full range of individual eyelash extensions through to “hd” (high definition) brows, then qualified in Nouveau semi permanent make-up offering procedures for eyes, lips, and brows.

Always happy to help, her calm nature and a passion for neatness, coupled with a creative flair, makes Alli an ideal professional to specialise in nouveau semi permanent make up, eyelash extensions and hd brows.

“I enjoy my work, it’s like painting a picture and I take great delight in making a positive change enhancing a clients features, with eyelash treatments, hd brows or permanent make up”.

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